CJS Conveyance is celebrating its fifth year in business.

The firm opened its doors in 2016 and was founded by Chris Windley, Jeremy Rivenbark, and Stephen Leitch. “We wanted to find a way to get back to a smaller company feel to provide a personal touch and be closer to our projects,” says co-founder Rivenbark. “Some things, like water main replacements, were historically underserved, and we hoped to provide a higher level of service to these types of projects,” adds Leitch.

After spending the first year working from home offices, CJS now employs ten professionals at their headquarters in downtown Cary, North Carolina. “The biggest challenge [to starting CJS] was taking that initial leap. It was hard to take the risk and hope it would all work out given how established we already were at our previous companies. Being able to tackle everything needed to get a business up and running and making it viable was a bit of a blind leap,”  says Rivenbark. “Much of our success to this point has been a result of the relationships we have established with our clients over the years and the trust they have granted us. Without their continued confidence in us and their appreciation for the value we can provide, we would not be where we are today,” adds Windley.

CJS Conveyance is now incredibly successful at what they do. They specialize in providing engineering solutions for water and wastewater infrastructure, targeting local municipalities responsible for providing safe, clean, and reliable water to businesses and residents of North Carolina. As CJS looks to the future, continued growth is inevitable. “We aim to be strategic as we identify opportunities to pursue. All three of us are native to North Carolina, and our goal has always been to focus on work in the state,” says Leitch.

CJS Conveyance, PLLC was established to provide public and private customers with innovative solutions to their water and wastewater engineering challenges, with the future in mind.